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an open platform for recommends
Create an awesome alliance in an O2O digital world
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About noggin.ai

noggin.ai is an open, alliance platform for a cross recommendation of vendor complements in an O2O digital world.


Businesses on noggin.ai can expect an enhanced user experience, vendor sales uplift, alliance marketing leverage and their consumers can expect greater personal convenience, stronger data privacy, yet a lesser choice overload.

Benefits in Alliance Marketing

noggin.ai helps business to understand consumer behaviour and preference, then make relevant recommendations across businesses or within an eco-system based on different types of alliance marketing such as:


i) Alliance of Non-Competitive Business

ii) Destination Alliances

iii) Technology Alliances

iv) Alliances to expand into new markets

v) Domestic Expansion


Our unique value proposition lies in the proprietary data-flattening, context-aware & privacy-first integrated technology, and the pay-as-use & multi-sided platform biz model.

Hybrid Recommendation System

Setup your site recommendation system either based on personal, cross-domain, context-aware or intention-based.

Cooperative Cross Recommendation Alliance

Determine your recommendation system to grow based on vendor-managed or open participatory networked group of vendors.

Private Data Sharing Protocol

Ride on the data access sharing from alliance collection versus silo collection of personal data

Key Features

Customise your recommendation using the API and study the data with our analytics platform.

What Are You Waiting For

No matter how brilliant your mind or
strategy, if you’re playing a solo game,
you’ll always lose out to a team.”
– Reid Hoffman

We are looking to partner with Technology Providers who can complement our platform or to partner with businesses who would like to form an eco-system to have a peer to peer recommendation and referrals

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