Data is knowledge and knowledge is power.

But how do we activate it?

Many organisations understand the importance of data acquisition, or more specifically the accessibility to the right data. Using it with AI to discover the past and anticipate the future. But for most times, we struggle to make sense of it or we find the lack of it.

Collective Intelligence pools data and learns about your users is a collective intelligence tech platform that collaboratively produces smart data for you. It automatically offers actionable insights into your user’s behaviours and intentions.

Descriptive Analytics

Visualise your market insights, user or consumer panels

Predictive Intent

Predicts where, when, and what customers are likely to be doing

Prescriptive Nudge

Matches a customer with their preferred stimuli

Personal Recommender

Offer specific recommendations

Did You Know?

During a consumer study conducted by Sheena Iyengar, when customers were presented with six choices of jam, 30% of them ended up purchasing some jam. However, when customers were given 24 choices, only 3% decided to make a purchase.

This is known as the “paradox of choice”, where presenting too many items at once will actually scare off a customer!

paradox of choice and choosing

What benefits does offer?

Developers will know how to customise their mobile apps or channels to nudge users towards a specific goal.

Businesses can provide their users with a personalised customer service. This leads to increased user satisfaction, and more repeat or referred sales.

End-users are rewarded for consenting to their data collection, with better recommendations and nudges in the future.

Smart Data Exchange provides the organization with a tech platform for privacy-first, smart data exchange uses machine-learning algorithms to produce “smart data”. But before this happens, you must first obtain the user data in an ethical manner and permit its safe exchange.

Data Sharing vs Data Pooling

Customer data that is obtained directly by an organisation is usually reliable and of high quality. However, many businesses are concerned about sharing their data with other organisations, due to data privacy issues, confidentiality, or competitive concerns. offers the innovative solution of collaborative data pooling. This form of data exchange is more secure and private, while retaining the benefits of smart data.

According to a Criteo & Forbes survey in the US, UK, Europe, Japan,
“Pooled data assets are a way to gain a competitive edge in this changing market. Brands and retailers see value in collaboration and pooling data assets to meet customer needs and drive value for the business. In fact, three-fifths of those surveyed are already part of a data cooperative, and seven out of 10 of those companies are happy with their agreements”.

data sharing vs data pooling

Benefits of Collaborative Data Pooling

Business alliances. Matching businesses can form alliances to cross market or co-innovate new products.

Wider data scope. Smaller companies can easily access data outside of their normal network of customers.

First-party data from one organisation cannot be accessed directly by other organisations. Only the derived smart data is exchanged.

Privately Owned Data (POD) accounts for privacy-first, smart data exchange

Another feature that offers are Privately Owned Data accounts or POD accounts.

Noggin POD Diagram
  • Each POD account is authenticated to the unique end-user.
  • All derived data belongs under the end-user’s choice and control.
  • User has full control over the privacy-settings of the data in her POD account.
  • Each POD account is individually encrypted, and even Noggin has no access unless permitted.
  • All authorized accesses to a POD account is individually controlled by secure cryptographic token. also offers special POD accounts powered by Dataswift that gives the users their own personal data stores. Dataswift’s tech platform further mitigates the risks of handling personal data. Contact us to find out more.

Powered by the "Contract-as-Code" technology platform is powered by our proprietary technology that orchestrates and governs the flows, rules and restrictions of an organization's smart data exchange.

Smart Data Contract orchestrates the data pooling protocol, governs the data privacy policy, and guarantees integrity of the multiparty contract.

ProveChain is the integrated, immutable, and tamper-proof audit trail system for recording both the data provenance and the Smart Data Contract workflow.


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